Artificial Chemical Eggs Are Being Produced In China! Here’s What You Need To Know!

It has always been thought that eggs are among the few natural products that we have left, but a report that has been made recently shows that they are not actually that natural. It seems that in 2003 China began producing synthetic eggs that are hard to tell apart from the natural product.

The shells contain calcium carbonate, and the eggs contain starch, cellulose, and resin as well as edible color ingredients. There numerous videos and images online that demonstrate the synthetic process.

Due to the fact that they are low-priced, traders in China purchase the eggs without knowing where they come from, and realize that there is a problem when they notice that the yolk hardens when cooked. It has been reported on one website that the yolk turns so gummy that if you throw it on the ground it bounces back.

These artificial eggs coming from China are present in supermarkets worldwide, and everyone is buying them. However, these phony eggs are very extremely harmful and have been linked with memory issues, as well as neurological illnesses like Alzheimer’s.

Their production is extremely cheap, and one batch costs only two cents! In 2011, Qilu Evening News from the Shangdong province published a report that described the production method in details. A person part of this industry states that the egg shell is the most difficult to make, which usually fools merchants.

The egg shell is produced in a pan. The producers stir the calcium mixture while boiling it and apply it layer by layer in order to create a credible imitation. The egg is made in just ten minutes. In order to ease the smell of the ingredients that are used for making the egg white and yolk, the eggs are being treated with aquarium water.

In order to get an even better result, they apply traces of feces on eggs. In 2009, a TV in Japan showed an eight-minute video report regarding the production of these artificial Chinese eggs, and every TV channel in the country was running it afterwards too.

Currently, one of the leading manufacturers of artificial eggs, Mr. Ren is offering lessons for the process for $120. He explains that he does not have any problems with chicken farmers. “I frankly tell them that the artificial eggs I produce are cheaper, and everyone wants to make money. I keep outstanding business relations with them. Farm sellers buy more than the retail, and everyone is aware of that”, states Ren, “However the customers are not aware of that”.

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