Cleanse Your Body With This Powerful Drink And Flush All Toxins Out Of Your System!

Bloating and constipation are two very annoying and usually excruciating conditions, although they are not dangerous. You feel bloated and blocked, and continuously visit the toilet without having any results. Regardless of whether your constipation is triggered by poor lifestyle choices, stress, or diet, you should eliminate it as soon as you can.

Negative Effects Of Constipation  

In addition to the disagreeable feeling, not being able to pass the stool on a regular basis can trigger some other issues as well. Some of them are accumulation of toxins, headaches, hemorrhoids, loss of appetite, stress, and it can even affect your genitourinary health, in women in particular, as well as your overall well-being.

The Number Of Bowel Movements Considered Normal In One Day/Week

Although the frequency of bowel movements depends on the person, it is generally considered that three bowel movements daily to three bowel movements a week are normal. Therefore, if you cannot poop at least three times a week it means that you have a problem.

Homemade Solution For Treating Constipation And Detoxifying The Body

This all-natural homemade solution that is going to eliminate all contaminants from your system, as well as regulate your stool is easily prepared and requires only four natural ingredients.

Lemon can help cleanse and alkalize your body. The fastest manner of taking advantage of its detox properties is to add a few lemon slices into your water.

Besides giving your water a lot more freshness, mint will help your digestion and help settle your indigestion.

Cucumber possesses anti-inflammatory characteristics, therefore it can help battle inflammations, as well as damages caused by free radicals. It can help rehydrate your skin and body, as well as eliminate all the toxins. It is rich in magnesium, meaning that it can help hydrate the gut, as well as the digestion lining, maintaining your bowel movements regulated.

Ginger can help calm your stomach, aid digestion, as well as cleanse your system.

The drink is very refreshing, therefore you are not going to have any problems consuming it. Keep reading to learn the ingredients and the recipe for this detoxification beverage.


  • 1 lemon
  • 2 tablespoons of ginger
  • 1 small cucumber
  • 3 fresh mint leaves
  • 800 ml water

Start by peeling the cucumber and slicing it in fine pieces. Rinse the lemon well, and chop it in small pieces, without peeling it. Bring the water to a boil and add the pieces of lemon and cucumber, as well as the ginger and mint leaves. Take it away from the heat and leave the mixture to sit during the night in the fridge. The following morning, strain the mixture and pour it in a bottle.

Drink one glass, or 250 grams, of this detoxification beverage in the mornings prior to having breakfast. This amount should suffice you for a couple of days, however you can make it again and keep drinking it for a couple more days, if required.

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