Eat 3 Dates A Day And This Is What Will Happen To Your Body!

The consumption of dates can be extremely advantageous for your overall health and body. They can help treat digestive problems, constipation, heart issues, abdominal cancer, anemia, sexual dysfunction, diarrhea as well as numerous other issues. The dates can likewise be of help if you are trying to reduce your weight. They are packed with fibers, minerals and vitamins which the body needs in order to maintain a proper digestion. Moreover, they are the best substitute for sugar due to the fact that they contain a large amount of natural sugars.

Take a look at the benefits that you are going to get from eating three dates a day:

Nutritional value of dates
Dates are rich in vitamins and minerals. They are likewise packed with fiber, energy and sugar. In addition, they likewise contain iron, phosphorus, magnesium, calcium, potassium and zinc. The vitamins present in dates are thiamin, riboflavin, folate, vitamin A and K and niacin.

Abundant In Iron
Dates can offer incredible benefits for people suffering from anemia due to the fact that they contain iron. They can help increase the strength and energy as well as lower the feeling of farigue and laziness. It is well-known that 10 percent of the recommended dosage of iron is present in 100 grams of dates. The iron is of indispensable importance for our overall health due to the fact that it carries the oxygen to the blood and it is particularly important for children and pregnant ladies.

Bone Strength And Health
The dates contain minerals that are of importance for the bones’ health. They can help fight against certain diseases, like for instance osteoporosis. They provide us with development of healthy bones, as well as with firmness, particularly for the people that are getting older which signifies that their bones are beginning to weaken due to the greater amount of selenium, manganese and copper.

Rich In Eye Vitamins
They are also known as “Eye vitamins” due to the fact that they are of great importance for the health of our eyesight, the macula and eye retina included because they keep them safe and prevent damages, in order for your eyesight to be bettered. These “eye vitamins” contain zeaxantine and lutein, which are extremely beneficial for older people; nevertheless, their consumption is likewise recommended for every age.

Ripe dates contain potassium and they are extremely helpful when it comes to treating diarrhea due to the fact that they are quite easily absorbed. They provide a proper function of the excretory system because the fiber can relieve the diarrhea.

Aid Constipation
As dates can be easily absorbed, they can likewise be of great help for alleviating constipation. What you need to do is put a couple of dates in a glass of water and after that let them sit like that overnight. Drink the water the following morning as it acts as an all-natural laxative. It is going to aid you eliminate the toxins from your organism, as well as better the health of the intestines. 100 grams of dates contain 8.5 grams of fiber which is a sufficient amount for maintaining a proper digestion.

Balance Weight
If you consume dates on an empty stomach you are going to be able to control the functioning of the intestines. Nevertheless, remember that you should eat dates in moderate amounts as they contain large amounts of sugar and can make you gain weight. 1 kg of dates has 3.000 calories.

Healthy Heart
Dates are likewise extremely beneficial for the heart health. They cans strengthen a weakened heart. All you need to do is soak a couple of dates in a glass of water and squash them the following morning. Then, just consume them and the potassium contained in them is going to reduce the risk of stroke, as well as other conditions that can affect the heart.

Lower High Blood Pressure
Five to six dates contain 80mg magnesium which is extremely beneficial for the blood vessels. A study showed that the intake of 370mg of magnesium throughout the day can reduce hypertension.

Prevent Strokes
Due to the fact that they are rich in potassium, dates can help better the health of the nerve system. A couple of studies have shown that the intake of 400 mg of potassium throughout the day is going to reduce the risk of stroke by 40 percent.

Food For The Brain
Dates are extremely beneficial for the brain due to the fact that they are rich in phosphorus.

Boost energy
Dates can be of great help if you do not have a sufficient amount of energy. They can be combined with milk which is going to provide you with all of the natural sugars contained in them: sucrose, lactose, and glucose.

Sexual Weakness
The combination of dates and goat milk can help increase your libido, as well as your overall energy. Leave the dates to soak in the goat milk overnight. Afterwards, add some honey and cardamom the following morning and consume this mixture.

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