‘It’s Got To Be Crispy’: Woman, 105, Says Bacon Key To Longevity

A 105- year- old woman, called Pearl Cantrell, said that the secret of her long life lies in eating pork on a daily basis. Her theory of ‘hard work and crispy bacon,’ was published on

When Oscar Mayer heard that her favorite food is bacon, the famous company decided to give her a lifetime supply. They also took her for a ride in her hometown of Richland Springs, Texas, in one of its Wienermobiles. She was fascinated by the idea. Cantrell declared that she had a lot of fun and she enjoyed in all that bacon. Cantrell’s daughter, Anno Richards, described the place as a very small town, with only 336 inhabitants. She told ‘Everyone was out on the street and waving to my mother.’ It was definitely a big day for them.

For her 105th birthday celebration, Pearl told a local television station about how bacon prolonged her life. Oscar Mayer saw the interview and they decided to provide plenty of bacon for her. On, could be found Oscar Mayer spokesperson’s interview, in which he said that Pearl is a very popular person in her town in Texas and they promised her that whenever she feels the need for this meat, they will always be at her service.

Interestingly enough, Cantrell was still driving her own car at 104 years old, until she got sick in September of 2012. It was the year when she danced on her birthday. Her daughter said that she still wants bacon for breakfast every day. They cook bacon all the time.

Cantrell gave birth to eight children. One of them died at 9 months old, and five of the seven children she raised are still alive. When she wasn’t eating bacon at her home, she would often visit her favorite restaurant, the Little Yellow Duck in Richland Springs. She keeps eating two slices of bacon every morning and she often has two slices for lunch too.

Cantrell’s father worked in the local peanut fields, so she ate bacon right from the source. Her granddaughter Vanessa Jones shared an interesting event, saying: ‘Her father would kill hogs, cut a piece of meat and bring it to her daughter to make bacon.

Jones also said that her grandmother’s doctor never advised her to eat less bacon. Her family members weren’t surprised when she said that she considers bacon as her source of life.

Jones says that her grandmother would always think of bacon as the key to her long life, and nothing else.

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