The Healing Properties Of Raw Onions!

Onions possess anti-allergic, anti-inflammatory, anti-carcinogenic, and anti-oxidant properties. They contain sulfur compounds and flavonoids due to which they are beneficial for the heart, levels of cholesterol, arthritis, diabetes, and of course as an anti-oxidant.

Healing Properties Of Onions! Beauty And Health Advantages Of Raw Onions!

Onions for Treating Ear Infections

  1. Start by slicing an onion in half and digging the inner layers till only the last two to three rings are left.
  2. Next, heat the onion in the oven for approximately fifteen minutes at 300 degrees till it becomes warm and slightly steaming.
  3. In the end, wrap the onion in a towel and place it over the infected ear. Do this as often as you need to ease the pains.

Stimulate Growth of Hair

  1. Start by extracting the juice of one onion. Then, add one teaspoon of honey. If you wish, you can likewise add a couple drops of essential oil, like for instance lavender oil.
  2. Use the resulting mixture to massage your scalp.
  3. Use a shower cap to cover your hair and let it sit during the night or for a minimum of one hour.
  4. Rinse your hair the following morning, and afterwards shampoo as you normally do.
  5. Repeat this hair treatment two or three times during the week for a period of several months or until you get the results you want.

Alleviate Burns
Onions possess anti-bacterial properties that can aid in preventing your skin from becoming infected and stimulate rapid healing. If a freshly sliced onion is topically applied on a burn wound it can help relieve the sting practically instantaneously, providing you with a momentary relief from the burning pains. Repeat this 3-4 times daily.

Onion for Bug Bites and Stings
The sulfur present in onions has the ability to lower the effects of the chemical substances that trigger the itch. Divide an onion in half and rub one of the halves on the affected area. The itching is supposed to stop immediately. Cool the onion in a sealed container so that you can apply it again if the itching continues.  You should always use a fresh piece for reapplying.

Onion for Scars
Onions are an extremely effective solution for battling some scars, which can be a consequence of surgery or just common, however annoying, stretch marks. Combine 3 grams of salt with 10 grams of dish soap. Chop the onion in tiny pieces, however try to cut them in equal sizes.

Then, add the soap and salt mixture and stir well. Place the mixture in a water bath for approximately 15 minutes, and immediately afterwards place it in cold water for about five minutes, and continue to stir. Next, blend for 5 seconds and afterwards strain. The remaining liquid is onion extract. Apply the extract on the affected areas once daily.

Note: Pay close attention to how your skin responds and in case you notice that it is getting red or something similar, you need to stop the treatment immediately. If required, visit a dermatologist as soon as you can.

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