The Oil That Removes Uric Acid, Cures Anxiety And Stops Alcohol And Cigarette Cravings!

During the time of Christopher Columbus, people were quite obsessed with spices. They hungered for them and actually traveled worldwide in a hopeless effort to discover new spices. However, of all the people who had an obsession when it came to sensuous spice, no one was as obsessed as Christopher Columbus, who traveled the ocean looking for spices such as ginger, cinnamon, and turmeric. Nonetheless, one spice he searched for in particular was black pepper!

Even though black pepper is quite neglected nowadays, in the days when spice trade was extremely popular black pepper was used as a currency! It is high time people start having a different outlook on this space because there is no doubt that it can offer a lot. Black pepper, black pepper essential oil in particular, provides numerous surprising health advantages.

Health Beneficial Properties Of Black Pepper Essential Oil

Black pepper essential oil provides numerous healing qualities, such as carminative, laxative, expectorant, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, antibacterial, diuretic, antispasmodic, stimulant, diaphoretic, rubefacient, febrifuge, and many others.

Beneficial for the stomach: It raises the hydrochloric acid secretion in the stomach, this bettering digestion. Healthy digestion is of great importance for preventing constipation, diarrhea, and colic. Black pepper can likewise prevent the formation of intestinal gas and it stimulates sweating and urination, thus helping the elimination of the toxins from the body.

Weight-loss: The external layer of the peppercorn can stimulate the breaking down of fat cells, thus making it ideal for removing fat and losing weight in a natural manner.

Skin health: Pepper can aid in the treatment of vitiligo, which represents a condition that triggers skin areas to turn white. It has been scientifically proven that piperine found in pepper can promote the pigment production.

Breathing relief: Pepper can alleviate sinusitis and nasal congestion as a result of its capability to dissolve phlegm and mucous present in the respiratory tract.

Anti-bacterial activity: Pepper has anti-bacterial qualities that aid the fight against infections and insect bites. The use of this spice on a regular basis can help cleanse the arteries, as well as lower the risk of development of atherosclerosis.

Anti-oxidant activity: Its anti-oxidant qualities aid in the prevention or fix damages caused by free radicals, thus providing protection against liver issues, heart illness, and cancer as well.

Neurological health: Piperine, which is one of the primary components of black pepper, has been shown to reduce cognitive malfunction and memory issues.

The beneficial properties of black pepper essential oil significantly depend on the manner in which it is consumed. You can ingest it, inhale it, or apply it topically. Continue reading to learn additional information associated with the three manners in which black pepper essential oil can be used and the benefits that each of them offers, respectively.


When you ingest it, like for instance when you add it to steak sauce or BBQ, black pepper essential oil offers sesquiterpenes, which are powerful anti-oxidants that have been shown to stimulate sweating and urination, two manners in which the body eliminates pollutants. This oil can likewise raise the bile in the stomach, thus helping the breaking down of foods and ensuring healthy digestion.


While black pepper essential oil is best-known for being able to soothe the body physically, as well as to relax the mind. If you inhale it, usually used aromatically with oils such as juniper and lavender, it can help alleviate mental stress and aid people handle the stress of quitting smoking.


Finally, the topical use of black pepper oil combined with provider oil can help relax the muscles and relieve pulls and cramps. It has antispasmodic qualities that alleviate cramps, and its anti-oxidant qualities eliminate the uric acid from the blood, thus making it beneficial for persons suffering from arthritis, rheumatism, and gout.

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