Powerful Chinese Secret To Remove Gallstones In Just 7 Days!

Gallstones represent solidified deposits of digestive fluid that are formed inside your gallbladder, which is an organ located underneath the liver and accountable for accumulating bile, that is, the liquid that aids the body in digesting fats. Bile ducts represent small tubes that transfer the bile from the liver to the gallbladder and afterwards into the digestive system.

There are people who have gallstones, but don’t show any symptoms. However, if they start obstructing the gallbladder they can trigger pains and nausea and lead to a lethal infection. Additionally, they have the ability to stop the bile flow from the gallbladder and liver, thus causing jaundice.

Lai Chiu Nan, a doctor in China, discovered an incredible all-natural recipe that can help remove the gallstones in a fast, easy and permanent manner. Therefore, if you suspect that you have gallstones, Dr. Lai recommends this technique as it can help you get rid of them.

The treatment takes seven days. The first five days, you need to consume four glasses of apple juice daily, or four to five apples, depends on your taste. Apple juice can make the gallstones softer. During these five days, you should eat as you normally do.

On the sixth day, you shouldn’t have dinner. On this day, at 6 pm you need to have one teaspoon of Epsom salts combined with one glass of warm water. At 8 pm, do the same.

Epsom salt has the ability to open the failure of bile. At 10 pm, you should have half a cup of sesame or olive oil mixed with half a cup of freshly squeezed lemon juice. Make certain that you combine them well and consume it instantaneously. The oil can oil the stones and ease their passage.

On the seventh day, you are going to notice green stones in your stool. In the majority of cases, they float. You can likewise count them. Nan Chiu states that there have been cases where people have found 40, 50, and even up to 100 stones.

You can likewise give this all-natural treatment a try even if you aren’t showing any symptoms of gallstones. Dr. Nan Chiu claims that it having a clean gallbladder can’t do any harm.

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