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The Proper Way To Get Rid Of The Blackheads FromYour Face And Nose!

All of us wish to have a clear skin without any irritating blackheads. They in fact represent clogged pores that are formed as a consequence of excess oil. The oil glands, which are likewise called sebaceous glands, are the ones that produce the oil. The excess oil gradually gets accumulated in the pores and becomes hard which triggers the thickening and the growth of the pores.

Generally, the excess oil is produced due to the hormonal changes that occur in different periods of your life, like for instance:

  • In teenagers
  • Menstruation
  • Pregnancy
  • If you eat large amounts of fried foods
  • If you use cosmetic products that are based on low quality oil
  • Menopause

In case you have blackheads or whiteheads on your nose or other face areas, they can be removed with the use of specific homemade all-natural solutions and today we are going to present you with the proper manner how. The following all-natural solution can be used by men, women, as well as teens.


  • Salt
  • Toothpaste
  • Warm water
  • Clean cloth
  • An old brush, a damaged brush can likewise be used

Start by squeezing some toothpaste and adding a pinch of salt in it. Mix well and apply the resulting mixture on the brush. Use it to gently brush your nose for approximately two minutes and afterwards rinse it off with some tap water.
Next, dip the cloth in warm water and squeeze it in order to get rid of the excess amount of water after which you are going to get a warm-steamy cloth. Place it on your nose and remove it 15 seconds later. Repeat this two more times.
Next instantaneously use the paste by following these steps:

You will need:

  • Fuller’s Earth
  • Yogurt

Prepare a mixture with 2/5 teaspoons of yogurt and ¾ teaspoons of fuller’s earth and apply it on your face, by carefully massaging it into your skin. Let it sit for about ten minutes and afterwards rinse it off with some cold water.

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