Quitting Tobacco: Help For the First Hard Days

Smoking is a very bad habit. Once you realize that, you try different ways of quitting it, but you are facing difficulties, especially your first days without nicotine. We suggest you few tips on how to cut off cigarettes and make this goal a possible mission.

  • Sip Cold Water and Measure Your Meals

Try sipping cold water through a straw and you will have almost the same feeling as when you smoke. The newest research shows that this act also releases dopamine, which is chemical that can improve your bad mood and relax you. Eating small portion can help you overcome your irresistible desire for smoking. Consume healthy food to avoid weight gain.

  • Make a List Of the Good Things You Notice After Quitting Cigarettes

Note all the benefits that you have noticed after quitting cigarettes. Make a similar list to this one:

  • I feel I have better self-control.
  • I saved a lot of money.
  • I don’t smell awful.
  • I don’t have a bad breath.
  • I can taste the real flavor of food.
  • I feel full of energy.

Whenever you have the urge for smoking, look at this list and think twice whether you want to lose all the benefits you’ve gained from quitting.

  • Brush Your Teeth Often

This is very important. With brushing your teeth often and keep your mouth clean. You don’t want to damage your fresh mouth, right?

  • Avoid Alcohol

If you can, don’t consume it at all, because it may bring you back to your bad habit. Are you wondering how? Alcohol breaks down self-discipline, which can erode your determination to quitting. Also, a lot of people combine these vices together, which is even worse.

  • Find a No Smoking Place

Fight your addiction with finding your own cigarettes-free spot. Places where you can’t light up are a library, cinema, or a theater. Look for a place where something interesting will distract you and attract your attention.

  • Don’t Forget Your Reasons For Quitting

Make a list of all your reasons why you wanted to stop smoking in the first place. Next, make copies and post them in the kitchen, at your office, close to your mirror or whenever you spend most of the time. Ex-smokers shared their experience and said that they put photos of the people they love.

  • Be Physically Active

When your body is active, you improve your mood and reduce your stress. Many physical activities may keep your motivation, but walking is probably the most simple exercise for the majority of people. Dedicate some time to exercising every day, especially in the first month after you have quit smoking.

  • Fill Your Calendar

During the first few weeks, make a list of things you would like or you have to do. Fill your agenda, dedicate some time to your friends and family, and keep yourself busy. In this way, you will not have the time to think on smoking.

  • Put Something Else In Your Mouth

By having something in your mouth, you will suppress your urge for smoking. Instead of a cigarette, chew a sugar-free chewing gum, hard candy, or eat some light and healthy snack. Make sure you have something of these things close to you all the time. Choose low-calorie alternatives, if you are worried about gaining weight.

  • You Need Support

Ask some of your closest friends to rely on him. Besides you should be a former smoker, because he can definitely understand your situation, anyone who cares about your health when you have a crisis can help you.

  • Reduce the Intake of Caffeine

Even though it helps some people to stay alert, especially in the morning, others feel stressed out and nervous. Quitting cigarettes can boost those effects.

  • Try To Stay In a Positive Mood

Negative feelings like stress, anxiety, anger, can force people to go back to smoking. Every person has bad days, but it is important to distract yourself. Do something that you really love and enjoy.

  • Avoid Troublemakers

Your friends and family are not always supportive and willing to understand. Some of them may even try to change your mind. Avoid them as much as possible. If you can’t do that, explain them why this decision is important to you.

  • Be Patient

If your first two weeks were successful, you are on the right path to clean your lugs from nicotine. In case you fail, don’t be disappointed. Be patient and think of what went wrong, and this time be careful not to repeat the same problem.

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