Scientists In Amsterdam Managed To Destroy Breast Cancer Tumors In Just Eleven Days Without Chemotherapy!

Chemotherapy is the first thing the doctors recommended after they diagnose a patient with cancer. However, chemotherapy isn’t always the best alternative. In addition to eliminating the cancerous cells, it likewise eliminates the healthy cells simultaneously. These scientists decided to give something different a try. In Amsterdam, successfully destroyed breast cancer tumors without any chemo.

The most commonly occurring cancer in women worldwide is breast cancer. The best method for increasing the survival rates in patients diagnosed with breast cancer is detecting it in its early stages. Even though there are numerous different treatments available for neutralizing growths, over 500,000 women died from breast cancer only in 2011.

The European Breast Cancer Conference in Amsterdam incorporated the presentation of a study conducted by the Cancer Research study UK-funded trial, which demonstrates that a pair of medications can eliminate specific types of breast cancer in only eleven days. This brand-new finding showed that some women diagnosed with breast cancer may never require chemotherapy.

The two drugs Herceptin and Lapatinib are usually used for treating one type of breast cancer, after the patient has undergone tumor-removal surgery and chemotherapy. The trial examined their effects, and found that both of them target HER2- protein that stimulates the growth of certain types of breast cancer, even the aggressive ones.

The research incorporated 257 women with HER2- positive breast cancer who were given these two drugs immediately before they required surgery. In just two weeks, 11 percent of the cancers were entirely cured, and 17 percent were reduced in size.

Scientists were amazed that this combination of drugs could in certain cases completely cure patients diagnosed with breast cancer. This is a small study, however of great importance for patients diagnosed with breast cancer because HER2-fueled breast cancers have higher possibility of reoccurrence compared to others.

Even though it is temporarily, the standard chemotherapy is accompanied by a lot of incapacitating side-effects, such as regular vomiting, strong fatigue, hair loss, and frequently decreased cognitive functions. It can last for a period of up to several months, but even then, it might not cure the patient suffering from cancer. The new finding shows that some patients diagnosed with cancer may not even require chemotherapy, or surgery to begin with.

The Guardian states that the chief executive Samia al Qadhi of the UK-based charity- Breast Cancer Care thinks that even though this research is in its early stages, it seem like it has the potential to change everything. She explains that at the moment Herceptin is only available to be used together chemotherapy, however not by itself. All patients diagnosed with cancer should be allowed access to medically effective treatments.

Breast cancer is regarded as a group of a minimum of ten separate diseases, all of which have their proper development style. Even though there is a lot of work to do till all ten diseases are completely and rapidly treated, researches and studies such as this one are helpful for doctors, as they provide them with another effective weapon against cancer.

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