A Simple Ten-Minute Method That Is Going To Help You Ease Sciatic Nerve Pain!

The sciatic nerve is the name of the longest nerve in the entire human body. It is located at the back of the legs, beginning from the bottom, moving down the length of the legs and ending in the feet.

Inflammation of this nerve can cause a serious and intolerable pain that can extend from below the knee above to the area of the ribs and even in the back. Furthermore, how intensive the pain is usually depends on the reason causing it, and on the person as well, however it is never enjoyable. Nonetheless, there are a couple of things that can be done to alleviate the nerve pains.

Even though prescribed antibiotics usually represent a rapid fix, what they do is treat the symptoms, but not the root causes of the condition. On the other hand, some all-natural remedies, solutions, and exercises exist that can treat the root causes of the issue.

Subsequently, providing an alleviation of the inflammation and pressure in the nerves, as well as stopping sciatic nerve pain completely. Sciatic nerve pain can be quite traumatizing as it can alter your everyday activities and life generally. Namely, the pain is manifested as a sensation of tingling, heavy legs, or numbness and can interfere with sitting and movements.

If you are one of the people suffering from sciatic nerve pain, you are at the right place as we are going to present you with an all-natural remedy that requires only ten minutes of your time. The benefits of it are various, depending on the stage in which your condition already is, and it is of key importance to follow the steps carefully.

Ten-Minute Bedtime Treatment

  • Start by pouring ten liters of sufficiently hot to touch water in a container.
  • Next, add a handful of salt and one liter of ACV.
  • Mix it until the salt dissolves completely.
  • Soak your feet in the bucket and let them sit till the water begins cooling down.
  • Remove your feet from the bucket and dry them.
  • Go to sleep making sure your feet are warm throughout the entire night.

You can also use a blanket to cover them. After waking up the following morning, make sure that you do not stand or walk on the ground barefoot. Also, put on socks, and preferably your slippers as well. You are supposed to feel the alleviation of the pain even since the very first treatment. If needed, do the treatment on a daily basis, till the pain vanishes entirely.

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