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Tell Me How To Close Your Fist And I’ll Let You Know Your Hidden Personality!

Every single one of us has some movements that make us different from others, and we frequently do certain postures that show a lot about our personality. Apparently, the manner in which we close the hands tells a lot about a person, their real character, and their relationships with other people.

Closing our hands in fists is a simple thing that everyone does, but it can show a lot about us. What you should do is close the hand as you usually do, and observe it with care.

Try matching it with the picture that best illustrates it from the ones given below, and continue reading:

No. 1. The thumb underneath all fingers 

What is the opinion of other people of you:
Everyone simply loves your enthusiasm, and they like your intelligence and creativity. Other people think you are wise and prudent, and your life appears to be harmonious and calm.

Your actual personality:
You are always trying not to hurt anyone, you have a free soul, however you are likewise very peaceful. You like being in the presence of friends and honest, loyal people.

In love:
Your wish is to be able to relax when you are in a relationship. You are very compassionate and even tend to remain longer in relationships simply so that you don’t hurt your partner. You stay away from dramas and forgive and forget rapidly.

No. 2. Thumb over the fingers

What is the opinion of other people of you:
You are a talented and charming person, and people adore you for your friendliness. You are very confident, as well as flexible and attentive.

Your actual personality:
Quite frequently, you don’t do a lot of things in case you are scared that others are going to hurt you. You are not a fan of taking risks and always have high expectations. People love you and you enjoy being in your company.

In love:
You are not able to forgive very easy and past memories usually torture you. You are scared of opening your heart as you are scared of falling.

No. 3. Thumb Up to Index

What is the opinion of other people of you:
You are an intuitive and imaginative person, friendly and generous. You have an incredible sense of humor, therefore you are always in the presence of other people. Sometimes, you can be persistent and impatient.

Your actual personality:
You value goodness and honesty, and you are a gentle and respectful individual. Still, people frequently make attempts to take advantage of your kindness, but you detect them with easy and notice who really does care about you.

In love:
You are reserved when it comes to relationships because your priority is following your dream, which is finding a person who truly loves you.

Was this surprising? A simple fist can really do show a lot about you, right?

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