Women, Do Not Ignore The Symptoms Of This “Silent Killer”!

Ovarian cancer is becoming increasingly more common among women and the statistical analysis shows that at least 550 women are diagnosed with ovarian cancer annually. Nevertheless, in about 80 percent of them the cancer is discovered in its last stage.

That is the reason why it is of great importance to be able to detect the early signs so that you can have better possibility for treating it.

In this article we are going to present you with the most commonly occurring symptoms of ovarian cancer that you need to be familiar with and shouldn’t ignore, as detecting them early might save your life.

Irregular periods
Certain research that have been conducted recently show that women aged over 55 years have an increased risk for developing ovarian cancer. Nevertheless, that is not supposed to mean that it cannot be developed in younger women as well. This represents a silent killer and it can affect anybody. This may even occur to women who still haven’t gotten their first period.

The symptom of bloating can appear as a consequence of numerous factors, and that is the reason why people usually ignore it. Nevertheless, there can likewise be swelling which is a sign that you should instantaneously consult a physician.

Frequent constipation
Constipation can also appear as a consequence of numerous factors, and ovarian cancer is usually the last thing on our minds. We generally think that it is a result of bad eating habits or certain reasons that are not dangerous. Nevertheless, you need to know that constipation is one of the earliest and most commonly occurring symptoms of this type of cancer and it does not affect the digestive system and the stomach.

Some of the other signs are gastrointestinal conditions, loss of appetite and gases. If you notice any of the listed signs, you need to consult a doctor instantaneously.

Some of the other symptoms are likewise nausea, loss of weight and stomach pains.

Pain when having intercourse
This generally appears accompanied by a frequent desire to urinate and pelvic pains.

Constant tiredness
Feeling constantly exhausted without any particular reason is likewise a symptom of ovarian cancer.

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